The Kamel Lazaar Foundation seeks to commission works, on an invite-only basis, which may or may not result in an actual object or installation, it can be works that lend themselves to being viewed online – from film to video and new media practices – or have a strong textual and photographic element.

The commissioned artist's work may exist solely as an online project, or can be a modular work that can be exhibited both in physical and virtual space, or it may be constituent of various different iterative components.

Throughout the course of the project's development, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation will offer support to the artist in question and also enable artists to utilise its online platform and social media networks to document the stages of the work's development, with the Kamel Lazaar Foundation also providing  updates on each of the selected projects.


The purpose of Kamel Lazaar Foundation Fellowship is to offer an online platform for creative practitioners producing material that is either inspired by the MENA region, or engages with the region in some way. The project seeks to encourage artists to think of the web as a generative space for the creation of new artistic and curatorial projects.

In documenting the artworks in question, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation seeks to explore how the production of art operates as a thought process rather than just a theoretical gambit or as an abstract, relatively privatised event of production and acquisition. The online element also involves a laboratory of sorts for understanding broader issues around knowledge production in the arts today.


Artists are asked to propose work by invitation only

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Sandi Hilal
A Silent Revolution in the Square of Fawwar Refugee Camp
Oussama Tabti
Dijin, digital collage, Shezad Dawood, 2015.
Shezad Dawood
Fakhri El Ghezal
Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou Rahme
فيصل بغريش، الساعة.
Fayçal Baghriche