KLF as a Collaborator

We understand that our vision can only truly be realised with the assistance from partners from both the public and private sector as well as collaborations with dedicated individuals who share our values. Our gratitude goes out to both long-term and one-off partners. KLF is delighted to strengthen its partnerships and to create new ones in order to pursue its mission and to rally cultural structures, institutions and actors around a common objective: to develop, promote and support arts and culture in Tunisia and to lay the foundations for a future where they play a central role in personal and social growth.

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

University of Applied Arts Vienna


Goethe Institut

Pro Helvetia

Institut Français de Tunisie

Cérès Editions

Office Nationale du Tourisme Tunisien


Tunisian Ministry of Education

Manouba Youth Center

Tunisian National Orchestra

Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen


German Federal Foreign Office

UTEEK Digital

Uteek Digital

Uteek est une startup œuvrant dans le secteur digital. Basée à Tunis, elle est propulsée par des investisseurs internationaux de poids reconnus dans le secteur de la culture et du journalisme. Uteek a développé une expertise en matière de bases de données liées à la culture et offre des solutions innovantes qui répondent aux besoins sépcifiques des institutions culturelles.