culture solidaire

Culture Solidaire

Culture Solidaire was an emergency initiative set up by the kamel_lazaar_foundation in response to the Covid crisis, with the specific aim to support Tunisia’s artistic community during the general lockdown imposed between March and May, 2020. The financial support from this initiative was administered through a formal call, requesting that artists take on the obligation to commit their creative talents to any form of expression they wish during the lockdown period, in exchange for a financial grant.

At a time when our values, our ways of thinking, as well as our ways of being, were all simultaneously called into question, the KLF thought it important to accompany creators and performers in a dynamic and pluralistic questioning of their practice, asking practitioners to think of the world to come, of the burst of digital communication, all the while thinking of ways in which they may achieve collective works of creation from a distance. As the economic brutality of the lockdown seemed to suspend both time and livelihoods, the KLF decided to instigate artists, and asked that they decipher, appropriate and creatively express, the meanders of collective/individual experiences, in the hope that we may all better understand the issues at stake.

Culture solidaire will bring together for 59 days the 59 selected works through an exhibition, drama, dance, music, performances, readings, screenings, workshops and meetings.

Yefa Saidi – Amel Naffetti (Mylow) – Tarek Ben Mahmoud (Tunizinho) – Ilyes Souihi ( Trang) – Akrem Toujani – Melek Amdrous (Malik) – Chiheb Taleb (Shooter)
Sofia Guerfal & Helmi Bouteraa
Becem Sdiri & Aziz Aissaoui
Alia Sellami
ST4 The Project
Rim Harrabi & Yasser Jeridi
Majd Bouktir & Aziz Brick
Homedrum / culture solidaire
Emine Benali / Hamza Nasraoui / Hamdi Toukabri
Wael Marghni - Ilyes Triki & Farah Amri
Corps-vide 19/ Basma arfaoui/ culture solidaire
Basma Arfaoui