Carreau 8


Becem Sdiri & Aziz Aissaoui

Support: Mirror, beamers.

A project by Becem Sdiri, graphic designer, and Aziz Aissaoui, designer.

"The project we are proposing today emanates from the relationship that has been created between us and our neighbours, with the desire to give this almost silent dialogue a form, through a spatial language. This language would be materialized in light: although it is external to us, it is not frightening for all that. It is a source of joy in this new life turned inwards, and is above all an element shared by all. Light is, for example, the source of joy for Monsieur Hulot's canary in Jacques Tati's film "Mon Oncle". By moving his window, the light reflects on the canary's cage, which instantly starts to sing its happiness. "

Vertical Tabs