Homedrum / culture solidaire


Emine Benali / Hamza Nasraoui / Hamdi Toukabri

For Homedrum, Hamdi Toukabri (Hamdi Ryder), Hamza Nasraoui (Dawan) and Amine Benali (Amine) got together for the first time and produced a mini album of six tracks, where they explored the loneliness of the artist in times of crisis.Through the encounter of three musical visions, insignificant elements of the everyday experiences, build up and develop into sonic poetry, layered and full of subtleties translating the artists complex emotional tapestry as they hold on to the creative act to preserve their sanity, amid the panic, the fear and the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic.Forced into double isolation, making music becomes doubly vital for the three artists. In every track, we get a taste of the prevalent anxiety and the thrills of the unexpected pleasures of self isolation.Throughout the album we are transported in the artists subjective and transient perception of time and the way they deal with the viral flow of news and of trivialities. As the music flows it pulsates gelatinous and porous, pierced and distorted, creating new temporalities and causing a certain dizziness that ends in hope.   

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