Persona - Zeineb HENCHIRI


Zeineb Henchiri

It's the story of a fictional character who is rampant, who "lives" in social networks, it's the story of a hybrid creation, a woman created from scratch who blurs the occult boundaries between the fictional character, the virtual avatar and the actress behind her computer, she has a name, posts her memories, her jokes, writes texts, publishes photos, comments, loves, shares, it's a story without a body, without an envelope.

Can we simulate existence? Can we let a character loose on the internet and let him tell his story in bits and pieces? Fractionated, diluted, coded. Would you be able to recognize it? He will be born to tell you his story, but to do so, you have to find him, follow him, gather the pieces, it's a role-playing game, an incarnation game where the audience participates in the story telling, are you ready to enter the game?

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