Few things are as crucial for an artistic process, the empowerment of committed art historians or for young writers and academics in the field of culture, as having access to knowledge and research.

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation launched its first public library at the B7L9 Art Station. Through this new book collection program, the objective is to build up the first public research collection in Tunisia. To launch this initiative, the KLF has donated one thousand books specializing in the visual arts for the benefit of the library and has set an ambitious goal of building up a collection of ten thousand books by 2022. The collection focuses primarily on contemporary visual culture in the MENA region and the global south at large. The library also offers a selection of literature dedicated to site-specific, research-based and sustainable art practices from the world, as well as major exhibition catalogues, periodicals, artist monographs and theory writings. Our library is tri-lingual and includes books in Arabic, French and English.

B7L9 Art Station is housing the KLF Library collection while pending the creation of a space that will be specifically dedicated to it. The KLF team provides archiving services, ensuring that the content is available free of charge to all those seeking access to the Library's collection. The KLF will also work closely with schools and educational institutions to ensure that students have access to materials according to their needs. 

To reach a diversity of materials, as well as to ensure that the content of knowledge is continuously refreshed, KLF would like to call on its friends and partners to join this initiative by donating books. The KLF humbly asks its colleagues, supporters, artists, gallery owners, curators, collectors, academics and avid readers to contribute to the expansion of this knowledge base through the donation of books and other printed art publications, including monographs, limited-edition artist's books, exhibition catalogues and associated ephemeral publications, Biennale catalogues, etc. 

Branch addresses and opening time:

B7L9 – Art Station

Rue Jaber Ibn Hayen, Bhar Lazrek, Tunis, Tunisia

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Wednesday -  Sunday: 11 am - 7 pm


Kamel Lazaar Foundation Headquarters

On appointment only

Lira Building, Rue de L’île de Malte, Les Jardins du Lac, Les Berges du Lac 2, 1053, Tunis, Tunisia


Donate book, ask for information, make an appointment, reserve a book, request a scan: B7L9library@klf.tn