Med in Peace

The association Les Fées Nomades, with the cooperation of Tunisian and Mediterranean plastic artists offers an unusual cultural 'tour' in France in the service of peace. This project is supported by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation. Its commissioner, Nadia Zouari, artist, journalist and art critic, has designed this bold project featuring art as a roving vehicle for peace, by offering Tunisian contemporary artists as well as Syrians, Iraqis among others to become ambassadors. With more than 30 artists around the Mediterranean, Les Fées Nomades organized an exceptional exhibition tour in France that will bring together creators and talented performers of their country and will exhibit more than one hundred works, in over ten French cities. Among others, artists such as Aisha Snoussi, B'chira Triki, Dalel Tanguor, Faten Rouissi, Marianne Catzaras, Meriem Bouderbala, Noutayel, and Rania Werda will be presented. This exhibition aims to travel from April 2016 for two years in more than 10 French cities, including Montelimar, Montpellier, St Etienne and Marseille. In each city, the exhibition will be presented in contemporary art museums and / or exceptional places such as castles, desecrated churches, old train stations and exhibition halls in order to attract a large audience. A proposal will be made to discover the culture and contemporary art from other Mediterranean shores through a transversal and playful approach, and thus promote and convey a message of peace and tolerance.