Aouled Chamla exhibit: a century of ceramic art in Tunisia

From April 16 to May 08 2016, during the Heritage Month celebrated by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation, the El Abdellyia Palace cultural center in Marsa hosted “A century of ceramic art in Tunisia, Aouled Chamla”’ exhibit. The Hirfa association, Tunisian Association for the Preservation & Promotion of Artisanal Crafts & Heritage, and Demeter Editions are the organizers.

The exhibit intended to represent Aouled Chemla’s work, evolution and influence in the art of ceramics. Aouled Chemla’s art follows the Qallalines (Tunis Medina) workshops famous tradition. KLF is pleased to support such an event that showcases the heritage of Tunisia and the history of its artisans.