About us

Created in 2005, the Foundation is initiated and chaired by Kamel Lazaar, an international financier and a philanthropist of Tunisian origin. A foundation under Swiss law and headquartered in Geneva, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (KLF) has offices in London and Tunis. KLF produces and supports artistic and cultural projects in the  MENA region. Although it is mainly specialized in culture and contemporary visual arts, KLF is becoming increasingly involved in the projects linked to heritage and education. In Tunisia, KLF is represented by a Tunisian association bearing the same name.

Our Missions & Objectives

  • Producing knowledge and supporting research on visual culture in the MENA region and beyond (Ibraaz, KLF Publishing, etc.);
  • Philanthropic activities: supporting artists, artistic events and cultural projects (grants, fellowships, etc.);
  • Organizing cultural and artistic events with a view to promoting art and artists in the MENA region (conferences, exhibitions, festivals, etc.);
  • Heightening awareness of artistic culture and democratizing art;
  • Building a cultural and artistic momentum through the development of debates, dialogues and exchange platforms on visual arts across the region and beyond;
  • Initiating educational projects that contribute to the provision of quality education in public schools;
  • Preserving heritage through targeted projects (restoration initiatives, raising awareness, etc.);
  • Promoting an art collection in order to enhance artistic practices, with the aim of opening contemporary art spaces to develop excellence in visual arts production in the region (Art center, museum, art residencies, etc.)


Kamel Lazaar

Kamel Lazaar


Lina Lazaar


Tunis office

Executive Director :
Soumaya Gharsallah-Hizem

Rue de l’île de Malte, Immeuble Lira,
Les jardins du Lac, Les berges du Lac II,
1053 Tunis, Tunisie