Mundo / Skander Zehani / culture solidaire


Skander Zehani et Khawla El Hadef

During the show, Skander invites the spectators into his kitchenette and offers them recipes, while retracing the past and present lives of the inhabitants of a building in the heart of Lafayette, the central district of Tunis. In this building located at 29 Avenue de la Liberté, which is called "le petit colisée", generations of children, Tunisians, Italians, Kabyles, Jews... And bonds ranging from love to friendship have been woven during their cohabitation. Through words, sounds and gestures, and while the recipes are cooking, Skander's childhood and teenage memories echo the history of Tunis in the 1990s.

"Mundo", is a show that addresses our common memory, mixing object theatre, video, sounds, cooking...and a story full of nostalgia and humour.

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