Croisée/ Aymen Khemis /culture solidaire


Aymen Khemis

As a video maker I have the honour of proposing an idea, which crosses my mind from the beginning of the confinement, which is a collective realization of a video or a documentary film of remote creation. Creation in the film or audio-visual sector, in general, is necessarily collective and depends on the space of this community, and in this context, this community and this proximity is not possible, and I find in this concern an invitation, a motivation for a different collaboration where each artist puts his brick in the work in a solitary way.

Project title : Croisée
Type of project : documentary film, 2D animation, art video,
Project leader : Aymen Khemis,
Project participant : 20 artists from 13 countries (for the moment but I plan to contact other artists),
support : digital (mp4 video, mov... shareable on all platforms),
diffusion : Artify / vimeo or youtube

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