confinement 20

Confinement 20

Hassen Marzougui – Hamza Medfai – Elyes Zouaghi – Yasmine Rabet

Confinement 20 is a 15-minute documentary film that focuses on the daily life of confinement in a residence. A quiet residence located at Nord Hilton, Notre Dame in Tunis applies total containment as part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19, Everyone is confined ... but not necessarily isolated. Every day the residents go down for a walk in the courtyard, others risk going out to run errands, testimonies, from some residents, my neighbours, in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. I had their permission to film them at home and in the residence. It is a documentary film that tells the story of how these people adapt to this new rhythm of life in confinement and how they manage their outside world.
The interviews are different for each resident who is from a different type of society; Media, Medicine, Arts, Civil servant, janitor. The sequences talk about real life in the apartments, floors, elevator and garden. Accompaniment will continue over 2 or 3 days to be closer to them and their personal lives and my neighbor's professional with a handheld camera and a bib always.

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