Demain je danse

“Demain je danse”

Wided Zoghlami

She has been confined for several days with her cat and repro-duces the gestures of the daily life, totally idle, until she starts to tidy up a cupboard. While searching, she finds her dance tutu. A universe of poetry and fantasy opens up, a gentle cinematographic madness full of winks: from Godard to Chaplin via Sergio Leone, from Amélie Poulain's Fabulous Fate to Pulp fiction, with a finale in apotheosis inspired by Orange mécanique, Wided takes us into her world.

The project : Short film

Duration : 10 min

Image : Wided Zoghlami, David Graziosi and Abdelaziz Ben Gaied Hsin
Editing, grading, mixing : Wided Zoghlami

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