wenkhammem fik

"وانخمم فيك..."

Raoudha Abdallah – Selim Arjoun – Mohamed Ben Salha – Marwen Soltana – Mehdi Bahri – Mouna Chtourou – Youssef Soltana – Sofienne Ayari

This project is a Tunisian song, entitled "وانخمم فيك...", composed and written by Rawda Abdullah, with the participation of composer Mona Chtourou, and it will be performed by the best Tunisian musicians. This song was the product of the quarantine period, which for me was an outlet that I managed to escape from the noise and concerns of daily life, and it was a motivation for creation through writing and composing.

Lyrics : Raoudha Abdallah
Composition : Raoudha Abdallah & Mouna Chtourou

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