Chbébék El Janna (Les frontières du ciel)

Fares Naanaa's Chbébék El Janna or Les Frontières du Ciel was featured in the official competition of the 2015 Carthage Film Festival (JCC), under the feature-length film category. The film follows the lives of Sami (Lotfi Abdelli) and Sara (Anissa Daoud), a couple in their thirties, who had been living a peaceful and seemingly joyful life, until a tragedy was thrust upon them. Kamel Lazaar Foundation vehemently recommends this work of fiction that unveils the dynamic character of the Tunisian cinema industry. With much subtlety, this movie underlines the different emotions that flow through the young couple and draws a sketch of Tunisian society that is torn between tradition and modernity.


Lotfi Abdelli, famous for his One Man Shows rather than his dramatic plays, shows his versatility as a stage performer. With this new edition of Carthage Film Festival (JCC), Tunisia has shown and proved the diversity of its cultural scene.