Projects Partners

Thanks to partnerships, KLF implements each year new, ambitious projects that respond to current needs of the arts and culture sector. In these projects, KLF aims at sustainability and the creation of synergies. We therefore collaborate with established, active cultural and artistic actors that have contributed to visual arts, heritage preservation or education. A source of mutual enrichment, partnerships bring about federated energies for more efficient responses to the needs of the local and regional cultural and artistic sector. 

European Union

The European neighborhood policy provides cultural dialogue between the European Union and its neighboring countries. Because arts, education and other cultural activities offer opportunities for dialogue between peoples, the European Union supports cultural activities in its neighboring countries, through its delegations.

UTEEK Digital

Uteek Digital

Uteek is a startup working in the digital sector. Based in Tunis, it is propelled by international investors of considerable reputation in the field of culture and journalism. Uteek has developed expertise in the development of databases related to culture, and offers innovative solutions which address the specific needs of cultural institutions.  

Agency for Heritage Development and Cultural Promotion (AMVPPC)

The Agency for Heritage Development and Cultural Promotion (AMVPPC) reports to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Conservation. The Agency’s primary mission is to promote Tunisian heritage. KLF has partnered with the AMVPPC in the framework of the foundation's art and heritage education project Safir. Safir aims at publishing children books that introduce Tunisian heritage in 3 languages.

Maison de l'image (House of the Image)-Tunis

The Maison de l’Image (MI) is an independent space devoted to the picture in all its forms. KLF has signed a partnership agreement with the MI in order to establish the first center dedicated to the digitalization of visual heritage in Tunisia, which allows the archiving of images, manuscripts and documents from private or even public holdings in Tunisia and abroad. 

Center of Arab and Mediterranean Music

In 2016, KLF and the Center of Arab and Mediterranean Music managed to give a concrete expression to their first partnership in the cultural sector in Tunisia, through the project of a museographic restoration and renovation of the Baron d’Erlanger painting studio, located in Ennajma Ezzahra Palace which hosts this center.

House of Arts

In 2011, KLF organized, in partnership with Live Art Center in Bélvédère (House of Arts) which reports to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Conservation, a contemporary photography exhibition from the KLF collection. The exhibition was the first of its kind that is held starting from a private collection.