Gradually, upon awakening, the air was heavy with a sense for forgiveness, but for what and for whom, it was unclear. The people helping me explain my dreams, also predicted political futures, they fed off of people's fears of renewed violence and desires for stability.  They predicted assassinations, explosions and injustices.

It increasingly felt that the images of these dreams were not recollections of what I had witnessed in my slumber, but rather that they were visions largely developed in the daytime in several locations simultaneously. The drawings, the spliced recordings and the ancient tablets all began to feel like an attempt to conserve a brand new archaeology, but the restoration was beginning to feel heavy-handed and aggressive: eating away and corroding the integrity of the container and its contents.

About the artist

Haig Aivazian is an artist, writer and curator, currently based in Beirut. He works with text, sculpture, video, performance and drawing in order to weave in and out of personal and geo-political, micro and macro narratives in the search for ideological loopholes and short circuits. Aivazian was associate curator of the tenth edition of the Sharjah Biennial in 2011 and his writings have appeared in a number of publications, including BidounAdBustersFUSEAMCA and The Arab Studies Journal.