Un pas vers l'après

"Un pas vers l'après"

Férielle Doulain-Zouari

"Un pas vers l'après"  is a platform for exchange between writers and artists.

It proposes to make artists - professionals and amateurs - react to personal stories written by authors - known or anonymous - centred around the theme "the first time I stepped outside". This subject gives the opportunity to engage in an intimate reflection through the narration of an important moment in life: the encounter with a foreign world, through an object, a person, or a place, which made us feel a "before and after".

And - echoing the questions we are asking ourselves at the moment - we can also ask ourselves questions such as: How can I take another step towards the other, my equal? How can we reinvent the link? How to face new emotions? What future is tomorrow preparing for us?

The interaction consists of sharing life stories and multidisciplinary works. This waltz of several people attempts to resolve potential conflicts through the equalization of dialogue. It can be seen as an attempt to break down imaginary barriers in order to build new possibilities of encounter.

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