Be mole be more

بيومول / be more

Abderrahman Cherif

Project Summary :

The project comes in the form of a short animated movie suitable to all age categories. Its events take place within an old classic guitar where “Me” lives with his parents “Ri” and “La” and his grandfather “Do”. “Me” wants to get his voice music out of their home at a time the world is facing dire circumstances, in an aspiration to express himself and his love to his cousin “Si”, who has just returned from an electric guitar to quarantine in her aunt’s house. Amidst all this mess, the grandfather “Do” is warning “Me” against getting his voice out into the external environment lest its tone fades away, akin to his peers’. Yet, “Me’s” resolution and confidence that the voice that emanates from the depth of the soul is an ever renewable and inexhaustible force mired him in an identity crisis. He managed, following several attempts, to extricate his voice and allowed his self to permeate the whole universe and win over the love of his cousin, proving thereby that the genuine voice is rooted in the depth of the soul and renewed thanks to it, unlike fake voices, prone to loss and decay. Dire conditions are a test to our latent potential in a tight temporal and spatial environment that is subjugating us and narrowing the scope of our vision and objectives. We ought, therefore, to grow out of that narrow space and expand by dint of ideas to explore our true potential.

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