Atef Maatallah

Opus Tessellatum V





70 x 50 cm

Biographie de l'artiste

Atef MAATALLAH (Al Fahs - Tunisia, 1981).

Lives and works in Tunis, Tunisia.

Atef Maatallah’s work revisits the codes of narrative figuration through a rigorous illustration of everyday images and characters whose haunting glances evoke an air of transience. Through this sensitive rendering, Maatallah's paintings and drawings evoke the precarious existence lived by people he encounters in his daily life. The figures are accompanied by objects, which through their ephemeral appearance, hint at the tenuousness of their social conditions.

Maatallah graduated from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts of Tunis, his works have been exhibited in numerous cultural venues including l’Institut des Cultures d'Islam de la Ville de Paris in 2016, Me.Na Pavilion at Singapore Art Fair 2014 curated by Catherine David from the Centre Pompidou.

He was awarded twice the Prize of Paris Contemporary Drawing in 2015 and 2016. His works are part of various private and public collections including Barjeel Art Foundation, Kamel Lazaar Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia.