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Culture Solidaire

310 applications, 59 projects selected, 120 artists rewarded

In this unprecedented period of crisis, the Foundation is joining forces with the Fonds de Relance Culture (FRC) set up by the Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs to help artists. KLF wishes to join, as a matter of urgency, in the first mission of the Ministry to try to revitalize here and now the artistic creation, all disciplines combined, despite the confinement. At a time when all our values, our ways of thinking and doing are being questioned, we want to encourage artists to (re)think about creation and its diffusion in an uncertain time.

To date, we have no visibility on the outcome of the crisis, so it seems important to us to support artists to create in the current circumstances, taking into account the shortage of raw materials. Our will is to support creators and performers in a plural questioning, on their practice, on the world to come, on digital communication, on the possibility of remote collective creations... Everything is to be invented: only the body is confined, the mind is free!

In this suspended time, the ability of artists to decipher, appropriate and deeply feel the meanders of collective/individual experience can help us to better understand the issues at stake. Which works will be able to capture meaning, abolish confusion or find the paths of the imagination? What new technologies can be invented or even simply dreamed up to initiate new future potentialities?

Croisée/ Aymen Khemis /culture solidaire
Aymen Khemis
Saif Fradj, Amal Barka, Zied Meddeb Hamrouni et Seif Ben Othmen
Hassen Marzougui – Hamza Medfai – Elyes Zouaghi – Yasmine Rabet
Safa Attyaoui
Lotfi Ghariani
Ferdaws Chamekh
متلازمة الحجر/ Syndrome de confinement / culture solidaire
Khawla Louhichi, Wassim Zmerli & Ayoub Jaouadi