The 2018 KLF Grants Recipients

We are delighted to have announced the 2018 KLF Grants recipients and cannot wait to see their projects unfold!

Having received 180 responses to our open call this year it certainly was no easy feat to narrow the overwhelming talent and creative innovation down to the below list -  which is not least of the reason why we are most grateful to our formidable jury who so kindly agreed to be a part of KLF’s philanthropic mission by ensuring an unbiased process of selection. Read more about this panel of experts .
As always we welcomed applications from disciplines spanning visual contemporary art, heritage preservation, performing arts, film and cultural education. Please find below the 9 projects we are supporting this year :

1) Project: Les Syriens 
   Category: Cinema
   Organisation: Ismael Louati / Utopia Film (Tunisie) / Les Valseurs (France) / Tavna (Allemangne)
   Country: Tunisia / France / Germany 

2) Project: #Commons 
   Category: Dance
   Organisation: Corps-Citoyens
   Country: Tunisia / Italy

3) Project: La Tablée 
   Category: Theatre
   Organisation: Compagnie Les Heures Paniques 
   Country: Tunisia / France 

4) Project: Apnée
   Category: Theatre
   Organisation: Basma El Euchi
   Pays: Tunisia

5) Project: La vie commune. Panels d'atelier à Redeyef 
   Category: Cultural education
   Organisation: l’association Sentiers-Massarib – Redeyef 
   Pays: Tunisia

6) Project: Vivid Imagination and Heritage
   Category: Cultural education
   Organisation: ASSABIL, Friends of Public Libraries Association 
   Country: Libanon

7) Project: Erkez Hip Hop  
   Category: Music
   Organisation: collectif DEBO
   Country: Tunisia

8) Project: Interstices, Opus III 
   Category: Visual Arts
   Artist: Haythem Zakaria 
   Country: Tunisia

9) Project : Bab Sebta 
   Catégory : Visual Arts
   Artist : Randa Maroufi 
   Country : Maroc

The jury:  

Visual Art: Malek Ganoui Selim Ben Cheikh Sofiane Ouissi 

Cinema: Lina Chaabane / Nacer Khemir / Kaouther Ben Hania

Dance: Malek Sebai / Sofiane Ouissi 

Cultural education: Aya Rebai / Selma Negra 

Music: Mohamed Lassoued Farouk Shabou / Sofiane Feki

Theatre: Ghazi Zaghbani / Fathi Akkari