KLF & Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation

In line with the strategy of developing collaborations with similar institutions on a regional level, we signed a partnership with the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation (TCMF).
TCMF is based in Seville and is supported by the regional government of Andalusia and the kingdom of Morocco. It aims to promote intercultural dialogues in regions such as the Maghreb and Andalusia, but also across the Mediterranean, by way of social, cultural, economic and scientific initiatives and projects.
Recently, TCMF organised the Worldwide Congress for Middle Eastern Studies - WOCMES-2018 in which we participated with our exhibition The Absence of Paths (which had had great success during the Venice Biennale of 2017) and with a talk on non-governmental cultural diplomacy as part of a panel on cultural engagements across the Middle East .
Through this partnership, we hope to create synergies between institutions and artists from both sides of the Mediterranean, to promote artists of the MENA region and to contribute to the creation of a peer to peer dialog based on respect and mutual understanding of all the different cultures spread across the Mediterranean.