Call for Projects Results

Every year, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (KLF) supports artistic creation and the promotion of local cultures in Tunisia, the Maghreb region and the Middle-East, through providing financial and/or technical assistance to fifteen cultural and artistic projects, selected along its main lines of activities.

This year, in order to give everyone an equal chance to benefit from its support, KLF decided to organize its patronage around a call for projects published online and open to all cultural stakeholders in the MENA region.

More than 100 projects were received following the publication of this call for projects from January 2nd 2017 to February 20th 2017.

The designation of prizewinners took place in two stages; the KLF team conducted a preselection of candidates according its eligibility criteria, then the final selection was entrusted to an external jury composed of five experts:

Cyrine Gannoun, Denis Lesage, Khmaies Khayati, Ismael Louati and Adnen Jday. 

Following this procedure, fourteen projects have been selected and will be financed with KLF support :

1) Project : Dream City 2017
   Type : Biennale d’art contemporain / Contemporary Art Biennial
   Organisation: L’Art Rue
   Country: Tunisia

2) Project : Mnemosyne
   Shaza Moharam
   Type : Documentary film/film documentaire
   Organisation: Felucca films
   Country: Egypt

3) Project : Olfa et ses filles
    Kaouther Ben Hania
   Type : documentary film/film documentaire
   Organisation : CINETELEFILMS
   Country: Tunisia

4) Project: Gros plans, paysages urbains de Tunisie / Close-Ups : Urban Landscapes of Tunisia 
   Type : Exposition/Exhibition
   Organisation: JEZM
   Country: Tunisia

5) Project: Notre patrimoine, notre fierté: faire revivre les ateliers de tissage de Djerba/Reviving Djerba’s weaving workshops
   Type : Recherche - restauration/Research - restoration 
   Organisation: Djerba Insolite
   Country: Tunisia

6) Project: Danse Sans Nom – DSN/Dance With No Name
   Type : Formation – Danse / Training – Dance
   Organisation: La Voix de l'Enfant Rural
   Country: Tunisia

7) Project: Tawassel
   Type: Spectacle – Danse / Performance - Dance
   Organisation: Association Hayyou'Raqs
   Country: Tunisia

8) Project: Ré-Existance
   Type : Spectacle – Danse / Performance - Dance
   Organisation: ArtEnvie
   Country: Tunisia

9) Project: MADRASSA, programme régional de formation aux pratiques curatoriales/Regional Training Program in Curatorial Practices
   Type : Formation – Résidence/Training – Residence
   Organisation: Atelier de l'Observatoire
   Country: Morocco

10) Project: Tunisia Factory
     Type : Ateliers – Film /Workshops – Film
     Organisation: Nomadis images
     Country: Tunisia

11) Project: Hourya
     Leila Toubel et Mehdi Trabelsi
     Type : Spectacle – théâtre – musique /Play – Theatre - Music
     Organisation: Resist’Art
     Country: Tunisia

12) Project: Sidi Abdallah
     Type : Patrimoine – espace culturel / Heritage – Cultural space
     Organisation: IN'ART : les artistes de Hammamet et leurs amis
     Country: Tunisia

13) Project: Travaux préliminaires au lancement de l’Institut du Documentaire
     Type : Recherche – film / Research – Film
     Organisation: Arts Lab
     Country: Tunisia

14) Project: CairoComix 3
     Type : Festival – arts visuels / Festival – Visual Arts
     Organisation: Al Fann Attasaa (Neuvième Art)
     Country: Egypt