1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

The Kamel Lazaar Foundation is delighted to announce the unveiling of its large-scale Courtyard Commission at the 1-54 Contemporary Art Fair. This marks the inauguration of long-term partnership between KLF and the 1-54 Fair, allowing artists of various profiles the opportunity to produce a large-scale installation, to be exhibited in Somerset House’s imposing neo-classical Courtyard during the London edition of the 1-54 fair. The commissioned artists will be selected following an open call.

For this inaugural edition, we are delighted to support the pioneer of Arab and African modernism, Ibrahim El-Salahi, in his first-ever large-scale public sculpture, Meditation Tree. Inspired by the Haraz trees bordering the banks of the Nile in his native Sudan, this project fulfils El-Salahi’s long-held ambition to render his drawn images in three dimensions and to play with their scale.

The sculpture is to be unveiled during the 1-54 Art Fair, October 3rd, Somerset House, London.