Access : https://goo.gl/maps/HxLFKevZMqB2

B7L9 is an experimental art space imagined and developed by the Kamel Lazaar foundation (KLF) in Bhar Lazreg, commonly written B7ar Lazra9 phonetically which has given life to B7L9, a rural land whose landscape has morphed organically amidst the political vacuum in the revolution aftermath.

The new cutting-edge and category-defying space is conceived as a laboratory for KLF to connect, interact and expand upon its activities to date and trigger a regional dialogue with contemporary global developments in visual culture. While being anchored in the Mediterranean and global artistic landscape, B7L9 responds to KLF’s commitment to social impact in underprivileged areas through art and culture and aims to promote exchange of knowledge and visions by encouraging guest artists to interact with local communities through workshops, seminars, events and an extensive outreach program.

The space consists of three interconnected levels: an exhibition space that includes a projection room; residency facilities; a roof terrace that will comprise a café; an open library; and an open garden.