How do I apply for KLF Grants?

By filling out the online application form in Arabic, French or English. The form is activated only during the period of the call for projects.


Are applications accepted all year long?

No, KLF accepts applications only during the specific period when the call for projects is open. KLF publishes 1 call per year.


Should the applicant be a member of a cultural or artistic institution or organization?

If the person is not attached to a legal body, funding will be allocated in the form of project-related invoices.


I have already launched my project. Is it still eligible?

Yes. However, more information and additional documents will be requested for these kinds of projects, in order to check its progress and determine the potential contribution of KLF Grants.


My application was rejected. Can I apply in the following call for projects?

Yes, projects can be reexamined in the following cycle if they are resubmitted. If a project is rejected twice, however, it is not eligible for KLF Grants.


My project will be implemented over more than 3 years. Is it eligible?

The duration of selected projects is limited to 3 years. The funding calendar will be adapted accordingly.


Does the Foundation accept projects of heritage preservation from Arab countries other than Tunisia?

No, for reasons of evaluation of progress and results.


Does the Foundation grant scholarships?

No, it does not.


What is the amount of funding?

Grants range from 10.000 and 40.000 TND. The Foundation can finance a project in whole or in part.


Am I required to have experience?

Yes, documentation of former projects carried out by the applicant are required in the application form.


Can I submit more than one proposal in the context of the same call for projects?

An applicant can be involved in two projects in the context of the same call, but cannot be the main applicant in both.


I have already received a KLF grant. Am I eligible for more financial support?

Any natural or legal person who has already received KLF support is not eligible for KLF Grants before three years from the date they received the first support.


My organization is not based in the MENA region, is my project still eligible?

No. To be eligible, the organization must be based in a country in the MENA region.


My project will be conducted outside the MENA region. Can I still apply?

Yes, if the project promotes MENA artists and cultures.