Few things are as crucial for either an artistic process, the empowerment of committed art historians, or for young writers and academics in the field of culture, as having access to knowledge and research.

Following the successful launch in 2011 of Ibraaz, an annual online platform that focuses on research questions conceived through a network of editorial contributors based in the Middle East and beyond, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, inaugurated the Ibraaz Library in 2017, a new programme of collecting aimed at becoming the foremost public research collection in Tunisia.


To kickstart the initiative, the KLF has donated three thousand books, specialising in visual arts, to the Ibraaz Library initiative, and has set an ambitious target of building a ten thousand book collection by 2020.

Although the collection will predominantly focus on contemporary art and cultural heritage in the Middle East, North Africa and Iran, it will be unconstrained in its drive to cover the expansive, emerging, world of art.

In an effort to achieve diversity of material, as well as to ensure that the knowledge content is continuously refreshed, the KLF would like to call on its friends and partners to join this initiative. The KLF humbly requests colleagues, supporters, artists, gallerists, curators, collectors, academics, and avid readers, to help grow this knowledge base through a donation of books and other printed art publications including monographs, limited edition artist books, exhibition catalogues and associated ephemera, Biennale catalogues etc.

The Ibraaz Library collection will ultimately be housed in a specially built Library, which will be set amidst a City of Arts, in the outskirts of Tunis. In the interim, and effective immediately, the KLF team will provide space and archiving services, ensuring that the content is available free of charge to all those seeking access to the Ibraaz Library collection. The KLF will also match every donated work with a new book/ literary content acquisition, and work closely with schools and educational institutions to ensure that students are given access to the materials as needed.

For all those interested in contributing, mailing addresses have been included below. Furthermore, for any questions or further details on the Ibraaz Library, please feel free to contact Fabiola Buchele (Fabiola@KLF.TN)